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Arlene Stewart

Co-Founder and Spiritual Leader


     My name is Arlene Stewart. I reside in Bradford, PA with my husband Larry. We have three children and eight grandchildren.

     I first became interested in the paranormal 15 years ago when our oldest grandson, Shane, passed away at age seven.

     The investigations we do are professional and respectful. To be able to help the living and spirits is our main goal.


Rhonda Monroe

Co-Founder and Lead Investigator


     My name is Rhonda Monroe and I have always been fascinated with the world of the Paranormal. I am an Empath and a sensitive. I also have a second degree in Reiki (Which is the art of healing).

     In 1998 my eight year old son was killed in a car accident. I was devastated. I wanted answers, where did my son go? Thats why I became very interested in paranormal investigations. I went to several mediums and got nowhere.

     One day I met a wonderful friend at work. She brought me out of a deep depression and talked to my son who past away. She opened my eyes to the afterlife and has answered many questions I've had about the paranormal. She became a wonderful friend and is an outstanding medium. The best I've known. I want to open peoples eyes, and help them through investigations. If I can catch an EVP, or photo of a spirit, it's proof that there is life after death.

     Our group is able to help our clients in any way possible. Thats why I enjoy doing paranormal investigations.


Reverend Charlene Schine-Gorman



     She is an established and certified medium. She received her mediumship certification at Lily Dale, New York.


Georgia Newhouse

Researcher and Investigator


Brandon Baney

Assistant Spiritual Leader and Investigator


Kim Bailey

Psychic / Medium


Conner Monroe

Natural Born Healer and Junior Investigator




     Thermal imager shows hot & cold.

Ghost Detector

     Spirits are able to answer yes or no questions using this device.


     Has K-2 meter digital EMF(Electronic Magnetic Field). Measures temperature used as flash light.

Spirit Box

     Uses a radio frequency to communicate verbally.

Video Nightvision

     Used to see spirits

Ovulus III

     Creates speech by using energy levels in the environment.

Tape Recorder

     Used for EVPs(Electronic Voice Phenomenon).

Rem Pod

     Generates an independently emitted electro-magnetic field that creates a unformly charged background and then detects disturbances in the proximity of changes within this field using multi-colored lights and audible tones.

Digital Camera (with Nightvision)

     For taking still shots.

Laser Grid

     Used to map out the shape of an object.

4-camera DVR with built-in monitor